Framework programs and incentives

at the Wörthersee in Carinthia

Strengthening team spirit as well as increasing employee enthusiasm and motivation will improve the success of your company. Incentives and supporting programs have clear goals, but they require skillful organization and, above all, activities that improve your employees´feeling of being part of a team.

At the Werzer's Hotels on Lake Wörth in Carinthia we bring along years of experience in event organization and finding the right incentive program for your event.

The art of resting is part of the art of working. (John Steinbeck)

For larger and smaller companies, the Werzer's Hotels offer tailor-made framework programs for both small and large company events. Your employees will be love them! Our planned outdoor activities that strengthen the team spirit, sports activities on and in the water, fun and socializing in the evening at the restaurant and at the bar will ultimately benefit your company.

Contact us and we will help you plan and implement your incentive trip with a suitable framework program.

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