Unforgettable company events

The three Werzer's hotels on Lake Wörth offer just the right setting

A company event in one of Werzer's hotels is more than a mere event. It is an experience. Impeccable organization, culinary delights, cozy atmosphere and unique views of lake Wörth await you and your guests.

The three Werzer's hotels offer the perfect location for your perfectly organized company celebration at lake Wörth. Events at the Wörthersee are well organized, aligned and cared for because we treat your event as our own and make sure even the small details are taken good care of.

Company events at lake Wörth

Are you planning a large company event that should impress your business partners and customers? Then you are definitely making the right decision by choosing a Werzer's hotel:

Thanks to the commitment of our dedicated hotel staff, your events at the Wörthersee will be unique and will be remembered. On warm spring days, guests can enjoy their aperitif in the open air or at the pool.

Successful events

at lake Wörth

The restaurant at the Werzer's bathhouse or the Werzer's Hotel Resort Pörtschach is ideal for small and large celebrations, and especially for festivities such as Christmas at lake Wörth.

The Werzer's hotels offer stylish seminar rooms in different locations and sizes. Therefore, we guarantee the perfect atmosphere for every type of seminar and event. The representative meeting rooms are, of course, equipped with state of the art technology.

Not only the seminar rooms, but all facilities at the Werzer's hotels are perfect for business meetings: the suites and restaurants are ideal for successful brainstorming sessions or a relaxed get-together in a cozy atmosphere. In particular, the unique spaces at the Werzer´s bathhouse will turn your event in an unforgettable and incomparable one.

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